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I don't even know where to begin...

They've been calling nearly every day for about 2 months or so concerning a debt that was disputed with original creditor. The couple times my husband did call back or answer, they posed as original creditor over the phone. They even attempted to negotiate a settlement in the name of original creditor, which we refused!

We discovered it was not the original creditor when the collector, who gave an obviously fake name, gave the Tate & Kirlin mailing address and info when collector solicited for four post-dated checks to keep him off our backs til then (and added if we didn't send payment, he'd add interest)! Immediate red flag, I know the original creditor is on the up and up.

I was able to contact the original creditor in an effort to complain about these guys they had supposedly asssigned to collect only to find out that the disputed charges had been charged-off after no agreeable settlement could be made! They did tell me that they have done business with Tate & Kirlin in the past.

I'm making a visit down to the local court for a small claims filing tomorrow. If they are pulling similar *** on you, please review the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act for more information.

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Tate&kirlin have been calling my phone for months now and everytime they call and someone answers the phone....No one is there....they don't say who the call is for or what it is concerning....I think it's a bunch of *** personally


i just got off the phone with tate kirlin and asso. they got the wrong person and are very hostile

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